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Incredible warmth and serenity

I am privileged to write in support of my dear friend and acupuncture practitioner, Rizwan Lakhani. Riz has been my student practitioner for a little over two years during which time I have witnessed the compassion with which he applies his craft. I have to admit that I initially felt uncomfortable during my very first session because I was discussing very detailed personal health information with a male practitioner. However, within minutes, I was discussing all sorts of things with Riz like he was someone I had known for years. It is his incredible warmth and serenity that makes every session I have with him one of amazing peace and calm no matter how stressed I am when I first arrive.

I remember from one of my first visits, Riz said that acupuncture treats the WHOLE person, not [just] the symptom, and he demonstrates this from the time he greets you in the waiting area until the time he bids you farewell.