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Our Philosophy

These core beliefs and principles are the basis of all the work we do at Glenwood Acupuncture.

OneWe believe all people are equal, and we follow the Golden Rule. We treat people with kindness and respect and wish to see more harmony and positivity proliferate in the world.

Two – Our life’s work is to provide relief to some of the suffering that exists in the world. Our mission is to help people heal from the wear and tear of life and increase their resilience so they can achieve their potential and live fulfilling lives.

Three – Real health is not only physical – one must also consider mental, emotional, and spiritual (doesn’t have to be religious) health. The systems of the body and the mind are connected and are constantly influencing each other and communicating.

Four – The body is like a garden and has the ability to thrive under the right circumstances. The flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body is of utmost importance. Sleep, nutrition, social connection, stress management, and exercise are necessary to support the body in maintaining proper flow. Without these, the body is more like a swamp.

Five – We only provide safe, proven therapies that are backed by thousands of published, peer reviewed medical research studies. Many of these therapies are FDA-approved for particular ailments (musculoskeletal pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fracture healing, acne, and more). We use these therapies on ourselves in our own daily wellness regimens and never recommend treatments or nutrients that we do not use ourselves.

Six – Education is vital, especially when it comes to what you do to your body. We want our patients to be well informed about all the things we do. We provide resources for learning exactly how our therapies work and how they help the body become more resilient. We love when people ask questions, and if we don’t know the answer then we will tell you that and point you in the right direction to find out more.

Seven – We are a safe space, and we honor and respect your privacy. We will not share your personal information with anyone. Emotions, including tears and anger, are welcome here as they are part of the dance of life and should not be kept inside.

Eight – We believe in combining the best modalities that can benefit the largest number of people. We leverage technology in our clinic to ensure we are delivering modern, relevant, science-based treatments that affect biology and physiology at a cellular level. We combine the best of traditional treatment methods with cutting-edge technological innovation. Patients achieve better results when we use multiple modalities rather than relying only on one.

Nine – Your body is wise, and your symptoms are your teachers. Pay attention and you will learn how to live life more smoothly.

Ten – Life is a gift, and we are grateful to be alive, awake, and serving the community.