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Massage Therapy

What it is – Massage Therapy is a hands-on technique that uses pressure to increase blood and lymph flow, improve overall circulation, reduce muscle tension and promote tissue healing.  Using massage techniques to apply and release pressure to the body allows new blood to flow into tissue promoting healing.  Squeezing and twisting releases lactic acid from muscles allowing for faster recovery from overuse or injury.  

What it feels like – People receiving  massage therapy usually experience a deep relaxation during treatment.  Massage therapists control the amount of pressure applied to the body allowing for the experience to be personalized for each client.  Some people enjoy light pressure while others enjoy a deep tissue massage.

What the research showsMassages have also proven to be good for your heart by increasing blood flow and the delivery of oxygen to your organs. Other benefits include the reduction of muscle tension, blood pressure and stress and increases relaxation and joint mobility.