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Magnetics PEMF EquipmentWhat it is – Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a treatment in which safe, low frequency therapeutic magnetic fields are applied to the body through comfortable padding. PEMF therapy can be thought of as a way to recharge the little cellular batteries that are hard at work all day throughout your body. Electromagnetism is the root of all cellular functions within the body and plays a vital role in our ability to live and heal. During therapy, magnetic fields travel to the trillions of cells in the body which stimulate them to quicken healing.

What it feels like – PEMF is delivered on a contoured treatment table or in a recliner chair. A mild, electric-like pulsation is felt over the area being treated and the intensity is adjusted for individual comfort. It is not painful and patients often attain a deep relaxation during the treatment. Patients will feel their problem areas respond to the stimulation.Feel free to ask for a demonstration of this at your complimentary initial consultation.

What does the research show – PEMF creates better function within the body and faster healing by delivering a charge and voltage to the cell membrane. This allows blood cells to reduce their tendency to clump and stick together. Free flowing circulation allows blood to get to even the smallest vessels of the body and into difficult places like joints, ligaments, fingers and toes. PEMF Therapy is FDA approved to treat many ailments.  Research shows benefits with bone healing, reduced inflammation, enhanced muscle function, improved blood oxygenation, stress reduction and more.


Watch this short video as Riz Lakhani talks to us about PEMF therapy  and what it treats.