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What it is – Low Level Laser therapy is using light to deliver photons (little packets of energy) to the cells creating better overall function. One way to think about this therapy is photosynthesis for humans. Our FDA approved, Class 2 laser uses two beams of light to deliver unique benefits and treat a variety of conditions. Laser therapy

What it feels like – Patients have reported feeling a slight tickle or a feeling of warmth but most do not feel anything from the application. The laser does not produce heat since the mechanism of treatment is photochemical (absorption) and not thermal (heating or possibly burning).

What the research shows – The laser therapy used at Glenwood Acupuncture has been FDA cleared to treat musculoskeletal pain, chronic neck and back pain, and acne. Laser therapy also has also been shown to be effective in the treatment of concussions/TBI, wounds, toenail fungus, fracture healing, and much more.