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Frequent Urination

Is Frequent Urination decreasing your quality of life?

  • Do you get up in the middle of the night three or more times? 
  • Do you have difficulty enjoying concerts, sports, movies, and other events due to endless trips to the bathroom? 
  • Do you have to stop frequently on road trips for bathroom breaks and take much longer to get where you need to go?

Well, there’s some great news! At Glenwood Acupuncture, we have a solution AND we will pay you just to drop by to learn more about it! 

Frequent urination is a problem that many people live with. Unfortunately, the standard medical recommendation once major organ problems have been ruled out is medication. But that does not have to be your first or only option!

We have had great results in our clinic with a unique combination of safe treatments to help significantly reduce the distress produced in your life by frequent urination and overactive bladder. Call us to schedule a 15 minute consultation to learn more about our protocol and we will give you a $25 Amazon gift card because we value your time and take this issue seriously. If you are an eligible candidate for our services, a treatment plan will be recommended to you.

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